One Bin. One Trip. Building Sustainable Communities Creating Jobs Private Investment

Good for the environment

The MaxDiverter™ system of waste separation enables the most dramatic reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the waste business possible. The process pulls all the organic material from the waste stream that ordinarily decomposes in a landfill (thereby generating methane) and instead directs it into the production of Renewable Natural Gas, compost, and fertilizer.

By sending everything in the garbage can to its highest and best use, zero waste can be achieved. In other words, all of what's in the garbage is a resource to OEC, and this drastically reduces the need for landfills.

Cheaper than conventional 'recycling' systems

With one-can disposal and one-route collection there are fewer trucks to run and fewer trips to make. That means significant savings — 20% or more overall for collection and processing — with up to 9 times the diversion achieved vs. conventional recycling programs. Compared to a conventional multi-bin/multi-route system that can only divert a maximum of 35-50% of the waste stream under ideal conditions, 1-BIN represents a quantum leap forward and targets everything that's in the garbage can.

In addition to the savings in direct costs, indirect costs for things like street repair, traffic congestion, and the effects of air and noise pollution are reduced. Better still, the more content from the waste stream that re-enters the economy as new goods, the more jobs that are created and the greater the tax base is strengthened.

The easiest solution

No more pondering what goes in which can — OEC makes it simple. Put it in the can and it will be handled correctly every time. This is possible, because of OEC's unique MaxDiverter™ process, currently protected by five patents, with more in the works.

Despite the implementation of new ideas, there are no black boxes in the system. MaxDiverter™ uses the absolute best-in-class equipment that is guaranteed to deliver 95% + separation, and all with equipment that's been around for years.

Finally, all of this is backed up by OEC's partner, ACS Industrial Services, Inc, a division of the largest private construction company in the world. This means building an OEC plant is the most simple and secure way there is to implement a 21st century solution to an age old problem.

No public capital required

OEC's business model foresees the use of private investment to build and operate its 1-BIN facilities. This means the only commitment required from citizens is garbage, not investment - there are no new taxes or fees associated with adopting this approach to handling waste.

Indeed, OEC's investment in local communities increases the local tax base, improves local real estate values and offers unprecedented opportunities for job seekers and businesses.